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To start off, I chose an Alicorn character because I like myself some poetic irony. What can I say? In my mind, I wanted a character, who from looks, was a powerful over-the-top marry-sue. Yet in reality, is one of the weaker fliers, who barley was able to pass the Cloudsdale flight test. And on top of that, was unable to cast advanced magics. Barley being able to blink teleport. However, levitation was a brease, because I like things that fly. Oh, and green thumb or even strong like the Earth Ponies? Forget it. He couldn't even grow a potato if his life depended on it.

      Now, onto the next matter at hand, the Cuttie Mark stems from a place in a made up place in my head cannon. A floating island, lost in space. The only thing keeping them afloat is the magic of the land. Which is actually stored in an hourglass. Which is something he guards. Blah blah blah. Boring details.

     The color is simple, I wanted him to blend in. Black in Ponyville may seem like an odd choice, but imagine a floating island. In space, that has no sun? The only light is that supplied through electricity. Besides, black compliments just about any color, so if he stays in the background, avoiding direct viewing, he won't stand out too much. And in painting, the color black is the combination of all colors. Which, is something that amazes me. So that was a plus too. I wanted a character that would blend in when mixed with big crowds but you wouldn't forget meeting one on one.

    And last, but most certainly not least - his name. Nameless Pony. Quite orignal, but lacking any spunk. Names have always been a difficult thing for me. Which left me hopeless on the web. So, one thing led to another. I was listening to the song "A Horse With No Name," and it kinda just tagged along for the ride. As well, it helped that my friend were toying at the fact that I couldn't come up with a name and just started calling him Nameless.


I know not many people really care, but I thought it was worth getting out to the those who actually did care. It's not as funny as I remember it being at the time, but hey it's unique and not something you here everyday.
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On to a more natural topic, I like to dabble in all forms of art. While I may not be good at most of them, I still enjoy any time spent with them. Even if it is just a related topic. I like to write, I like to make games, to cook, to read, to play music is my favorite. I am best at drums, music is almost in my heart, I have always been able to pick up an instrument and play it. Though I do like to make movies and edit photos as well. I kind of get over whelmed by it all, there is just so many choices. Though I know for sure art is where I am heading.

Well, I am obliviously a brony. I mean look at my avatar.. I don’t say any pony is the best, with so much uncovered detail, its hard to tell, though my favorite mane (yes pun intended I know how to spell main) is Flutter Shy and background is Octavia
. I unlike a few of the bad bronies wont force it down you neck. Life is full of decisions and we are never going to agree on just one, thats just the way of life and they way things go. So no denying it. Just one last thing.

Thank you troops, everything you have done is amazing, and I truly do owe you all one. Like the shirt says “You do not have to like the government, like the troops.”


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hai~! I haven't spoken to you in a bit, so i thought I would pop in, and happy birthday a day early!
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Ah yes, long time no speak indeed! How have you been? And thanks!
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Sounds like fun.
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Ictiv closes his book.

"Well, that was a good read." he says then looks at a clock. "Ah. It is time."

He taps on the chair's side and suddenly the world goes black, giving place to something new: [link]
ThePonyWithoutAName Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Student Filmographer
Namless looks over at Ictiv, "Why yes, yes it was." Then he takes a pause, and then "And thank you."
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Ictiv pulls up a chair and sits down, opening a book and reading it.

"Don't mind me, just getting ready." he says without even looking up just flipping a page.

About two minutes later he licks his index finger and flips the page again and notes again in an indifferent tone, his eyes running along the page:
"Don't get all excited just yet. Takes a bit of time."
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